Medical Prefixes that Describe the Size

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Here is a set of flashcards containing medical prefixes used to describe the size of a medical term.

#1 equi-

The medical prefix term equi- means "equal". 

Example Word: equi/libra/tion

Word Breakdown: Equi- means "equal", libra is a word root that refers to "balance", and -tion is a suffix term that means "a process or state". 

Definition: The process of establishing or maintaining equilibrium is called equilibration.

#2 iso-

The medical prefix term iso- means "equal". 

Example Word: iso/metr/ic 

Word Breakdown: Iso- means "equal", metr is a word root that refers to "measurement", and -ic is a suffix term that means "pertaining to". 

Definition: Isometric refers to having the same measurement; equal dimensions.

#3 macr(o)-

The medical prefix term macr(o)- means "large". 

Example Word: macr(o)/cyte 

Word Breakdown: Macr(o)- means "large", -cyte is a suffix term that pertains to "cell". 

Definition: Macrocyte refers to an uncommonly large red blood cell that is linked with pernicious anemia.

#4 mega(lo)-

The prefix mega(lo)- means "large". 

Example Word: mega(lo)/mania

Word Breakdown: Mega(lo)- means "large", -mania is a suffix term that pertains to "obsession" or "preoccupation". 

Definition: Megalomania is an obsession with power and money, and a love of big schemes.

#5 micro-

The medical prefix term micro- means "small". 

Example Word: micro/bi/o/logy

Word Breakdown: Micro- means "small", bi/o is a combining form that pertains to "life" and -logy is a suffix term that refers to "study of" or "specialization". 

Definition: The scientific study of microorganisms (small life form) is known as microbiology.