ren/o, nephr/o (10/13)

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ren/o or nephr/o is a combining form that refers to “kidney”.

Located below the rib cage, each side of the spine, the kidneys are bean-like organs about the size of a fist. The kidneys filter blood. Wastes are eliminated from the kidney, fluid balance is maintained, and electrolytes are maintained.

Examples of Medical Terms Containing ren/o or nephr/o

Nephritis: nephr ( “kidney”) + –itis ( “inflammation”)

Definition: Inflammation of the kidneys, which can cause pain and difficulty with urine production.

Nephrolithiasis: nephr/o ( “kidney”) + lith ( “stone”) + –iasis ( “condition”)

Definition: The condition of having kidney stones.

Nephropathy: nephr/o ( “kidney”) + –pathy ( “disease”)

Definition: A disease or disorder of the kidney.

Nephrectomy: nephr ( “kidney”) + –ectomy ( “surgical removal”)

Definition: Surgical removal of a kidney.

Nephrogram: nephr/o ( “kidney”) + –gram ( “the record”)

Definition: A record of the structure and function of the kidney, typically made using imaging techniques such as X-ray, CT or MRI.

Nephrotoxicity: nephr/o ( “kidney”) + toxic ( “poison”) + –ity ( “state or condition”)

Definition: Poisoning of the kidney caused by certain drugs or toxins.

Renal: ren ( “kidney”) + –al ( “pertaining to”)

Definition: Pertaining to the kidney.