neur/o, neur/i (14/20)

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neur/o or neur/i is a combining form that refers to “nervous system” or “nerve”.

Nervous system components include the brain, spinal cord, and nerve fibers. This system is responsible for sending and receiving messages both between the brain and the body. All body functions are managed by the brain. Down the back, the spinal cord extends from the brain.

Examples of Medical Terms Containing neur/o or neur/i

Neuron: neur ( “nerve”) + –on ( “small unit”)

Definition: A nerve cell that carries electrical signals through the body.

Neurotransmitter: neur/o ( “nerve”) + transmit ( “to send” or “to convey”) + –er ( “one that does the action”).

Definition: A substance that carries signals between neurons.

Neuropathy: neur/o ( “nerve”) + –pathy ( “disease”).

Definition: A disease or disorder of the nervous system.

Neurology: neur/o ( “nerve”) + –logy ( “study of”)

Definition: The study of the nervous system and its disorders.

Neuritis: neur ( “nerve”) + –itis ( “inflammation”)

Definition: Inflammation of a nerve, which can cause pain and numbness.

Neurosurgery: neur/o ( “nerve”) + surgery ( “treatment by operation”)

Definition: Surgery that deals with the nervous system.

Neurotoxicity: neur/o ( “nerve”) + toxic ( “poison”) + –ity ( “state or condition”)

Definition: Poisoning of the nervous system caused by certain drugs or toxins.

Neuromuscular: neur/o ( “nerve”) + muscul ( ” muscle”) + –ar ( “pertaining to”)

Definition: Relating to the interaction between the nervous system and muscle.

Neuroma: neur ( “nerve”) + –oma ( “tumor”)

Definition: A benign tumor that develops on a nerve.

Neuronal: neur (“nerve”) + -on (“small unit) + –al ( “pertaining to”)

Definition: Relating to neurons and their function.

Neuromodulator: neur/o ( “nerve”) + modul ( “to regulate”) + –ator ( “agent”)

Definition: A substance that regulates the activity of neurons.

Neuroplasticity: neur/o ( “nerve”) + plast ( “able to be shaped or formed” ) + –icity ( “state or condition” )

Definition: The ability of the nervous system to change in response to experience or injury.

Neurogenesis: neur/o ( “nerve”) + genesis ( “origin”).

Definition: The origin of new neurons in the nervous system.

Neuropathic: neur/o ( “nerve”) + –pathic ( “disease” or “suffering”)

Definition: Relating to a disorder or pain caused by problems with the nerves or nervous system.