Medical Prefixes that Describe the Time or Speed

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Listed below is a set of flashcards containing medical prefixes that are used to describe the time or speed of a medical term.

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#1 ante-

The medical prefix term ante- means "before". 

Example Word: ante/orbit/al

Word Breakdown: Ante- means "before", orbit is a word root for " eye socket (eyehole)", and -al is a suffix that means "pertaining to". 

Definition: Anteorbital is located in front of the eye.

#2 brady-

The medical prefix term brady- means "slow".

Example Word: brady/cardia

Word Breakdown: Brady- means "slow", and -cardia is a suffix term that pertains to "heart condition".

Definition: The condition of a slow heartbeat is called bradycardia, which defines an adult heartbeat under 60 BPM.

More Examples of Medical Terms for brady-

Bradycardia: brady- (meaning "slow") + cardi (meaning "heart") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradycardia is a medical condition characterized by a slow heart rate.

Bradykinesia: brady- (meaning "slow") + kines (meaning "movement") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradykinesia is a medical condition characterized by slow movement.

Bradyphrenia: brady- (meaning "slow") + phren (meaning "mind" or "diaphragm") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradyphrenia is a medical condition characterized by slow mental processing.

Bradypnea: brady- (meaning "slow") + -pnea (meaning "breathing").

Bradypnea is a medical condition characterized by slow breathing.

Bradysomnia: brady- (meaning "slow") + somn (meaning "sleep") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradysomnia is a medical condition characterized by slow onset of sleep.

Bradytachycardia: brady- (meaning "slow") + tachy- (meaning "fast") + cardi (meaning "heart") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradytachycardia is a medical condition characterized by an alternation between slow and fast heart rates.

Bradyzoites: brady- (meaning "slow") + zo (meaning "animal") + -ites (meaning "small living thing").

Bradyzoites is small, slow-moving parasites that are part of the life cycle of certain protozoan infections.

Bradypodia: brady- (meaning "slow") + pod (meaning "foot") + -ia (meaning "condition").

Bradypodia is a medical condition characterized by slow movement or progression of the feet.

Bradyclonus: brady- (meaning "slow") + clon (meaning "to bend") + -us (meaning "condition").

Bradyclonus is a medical condition characterized by slow, rhythmic muscle contractions.

**The combining form clon/o means "to bend." It is often used in medical terms to refer to muscle contractions or spasms, such as in the word "clonus." For example, clonus can refer to a medical condition characterized by rhythmic, involuntary muscle contractions or spasms.

Bradytherapy: brady- (meaning "slow") + therapy (meaning "treatment").

Bradytherapy is a type of radiation therapy that uses low doses of radiation delivered over a longer period of time.

Bradykinin: brady- (meaning "slow") + kinin (meaning "peptide").

Bradykinin is a type of peptide hormone that has a variety of effects on the body, including vasodilation and inflammation.


#3 chron(o)-

The medical prefix term chron(o)- means "time". 

Example Word: chron(o)/pathy 

Word Breakdown: Chron(o)- means "time", and -pathy is a suffix term that pertains to "disease". 

Definition: Chronopathy is a lack of time sense and incapacity to manage time.

#4 neo-

The medical prefix term neo- means "new" or "recent". 

Example Word: neo/plasm

Word Breakdown: Neo- means "new", and -plasm is a suffix term that pertains to "growth" or "formation". 

Definition: Neoplasms are abnormal new growths of irregular tissue.

#5 post-

The medical prefix term post- means "after". 

Example Word: post/mortem

Word Breakdown: Post- means "after", and mortem is a word root that pertains to "death". 

Definition: Postmortem means "after death".

#6 pre-

The medical prefix terpre- means "before". 

Example Word: pre/nat/al

Word Breakdown: Pre- means "before", nat is a word root for "birth", and -al is a suffix that means "pertaining to". 

Definition: Prenatal refers to events occurring before the birth of a child.

#7 pro-

The medical prefix term pro- means "before". 

Example Word: pro/drug 

Word Breakdown: Pro- means "before", drug is a substance used to provide treatment. 

Definition:prodrug is a drug that's delivered in an inactive form that gets metabolized in your body into an active version.

#8 re-

The medical prefix term re- means "again". 

Example Word: re/gress

Word Breakdown: Re- means "again", and gress is a word root that denotes "step". 

Definition: The term "regress" means a return to prior behavior patterns or skills, specifically those typical of a younger age.

#9 retr(o)-

The medical prefix term retr(o)- means "back" or "backward". 

Example Word: retr(o)/grade

Word Breakdown: Retr(o)- means "back" or "backward", and -grade is a suffix term that means "to go". 

Definition: The term retrograde amnesia refers to a condition in which a person cannot recall memories that occurred prior to the event that caused the amnesia.

#10 tachy-

The medical prefix term tachy- means "fast". 

Example Word: tachy/pnea

Word Breakdown: Tachy- means "fast", and -pnea is a suffix term that refers to "breathing". 

Definition: Tachypnea is fast, shallow breathing that is caused by respiratory disease or by some other medical problem.